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      Hi, my name is Victoria Paul and I have been creating fashion since 2003.



      It all began when I visited a town in India where people designed and bought clothing. I was greatly inspired by what I saw and it instantly kick started a rush of creativity.

      As a small child I used to lie in bed designing womens clothing. I will never forget the hot pink love heart bikinis but that's another story!
      I headed back home to Tasmania and with my last $2000 I designed my first collection of womens clothing that I started selling at Salamanca market in Hobart. By my second market it was clear to me that there was a demand for my designs and I realised that it might be possible to earn a living from this.

      My inspiration comes from all walks of life - from landscapes both near and far. I continue to sell my womens fashion range at Salamanca in Hobart every Saturday from 8am - 3pm, rain, hail or snow. I also love to travel and do markets and festivals along the way so follow us on facebook and insta to see where we are and what we are up too. So see you here, there or any where in this wonderful big country of ours.
      You can view my designs in our collection or head straight to the shop and buy online!

      Fair Trade

      I travel overseas to India and Thailand twice a year to hand pick my rare and wonderful pure silks, print my own cottons, choose my jerseys and work with my team - sketching, cutting patterns and being very hands on. As a designer it is rewarding to be so directly involved with the manufacture and creating of my collections and it enables me to oversee all levels of the production chain so as to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in the manufacture of 4 Oneness creations.

      In particular, our silk gift bags not only bring much joy to our customers but also directly assist the families in the homes where they are made, enabling women who can't go out to work, to earn a living.
      So remember, every time you receive one of our beautiful gift bags you are directly assisting somebody less fortunate in India.

      Small Projects

       4 Oneness to me means that we are all one. One Love, One World, One Tribe. 

      In India, every year we like to do something for the less fortunate like

      * Our latest project is starting a nursery in a rural village to create an income for a local family. It has been a learning experience to say the least. From irrigation to the simple things like big green netting to protect the plants from the very high temperatures that Rajasthan can get up too. 

      Other projects are.......

      - supplying sports equipment to local schools 

      - buying pencils and school books for school children

      - planting fruit trees for rural villages

      We also supply clothing for entire families and help out with medical aid and supplies. 

      This not only helps local families but also brings us great joy a little goes a long way.


       Outlet - Salamanca Market

      Salamanca Market is our main market and is situated in Hobart's historic water front displaying a huge range of Tasmanian hand made items, designer arts and crafts and womens fashion. It is part of the historic docks area of Hobart and is lined with a long row of simple Georgian sandstone warehouses that were built in the 1830s to store fruit, grain, wool, whale oil and imported goods from around the world.

      The market is renowned for it's diverse range of quality products and colourful atmosphere. A must see whist in Tasmania.

      It operates every Saturday from 8:30am - 3:00pm.



      Follow us on facebook for more locations and destinations